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Orthodox Christian Parenting - Cultivating God's Creation

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Orthodox Christian Parenting - Cultivating God's Creation

This book is especially designed for busy Orthodox Christian parents. It is the fruit of the labors of many pooled resources: Scripture, holy fathers, clergy, clergy families, monastics, and Orthodox parents. In the end, our children are the fruit of God's grace and our labors. If we spiritually tend to them in their youth, we will have nurtured their potential to grow into amazing, faithful, fruitful, even holy Orthodox Christians. Let us work diligently when they are young and the harvest will be plentiful.

"Orthodox Christian Parenting is a must-have book for the modern Orthodox family struggling with the issue of how to transmit the beauty and values of our faith to childrenconstantly bombarded with worldly superficial distractions. This is a wonderful collection of articles, impressions, and suggestions from a wide variety of Orthodox sources. The casual reader need not fear being hammered by authoritative directives. The overall tone of this collection is very helpful and nonjudgmental. All phases of family life are covered in this volume, from marriage to sending an adult child out into the world and all the stages of child-rearing in between. I found myself captivated by the descriptions of young parents creatively engaging their young children in the traditions and rituals of of the church and thinking "I wish I had thought of that".One need not agree with every statement included in this volume to be ultimately enlightened and inspired by the rare love expressed here by people who truly believe that children have souls and that parents have spiritual responsibilities." Presbytera Juliana Cowni

With chapters including marriage and finding a spouse, the birth of children, the special role of fatherhood, discipline, education, and adolescence, plus much much more, this book is for everyone, covering the full scope of family life with its different needs and phases, from a traditionally conservative and truly Orthodox world view.


Author Various
Pages 284
Cover Soft
Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 230

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