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Blueprints for the Little Church

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Blueprints for the Little Church

How do we as Orthodox parents keep our children in the Church throughout their lives? It all begins with involving them in the life of the Church from birth onward—in the parish and also at home. Blueprints for the Little Church provides practical ideas and encouragement—without judgment—for incorporating the primary practices of Orthodox spirituality into your family life at every stage of its growth and throughout the church year. Also included are ideas for activities you can do with your family through the liturgical year on special feast days. A very readable book, especially for bleary eyed, tired parents who don't have much time to read. Most ideal for new parents and converts, but also a great refresher for those with older children who feel the family's spiritual life needs some encouragement and inspiration.

Authors Elissa Bjeletich & Caleb Shoemaker
Pages 225
Width (mm) 140
Height (mm) 215

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